7 August 2015

Remember in The Rain ,What He Told You When The Sun Was Shinning .......

She felt sick to her stomach .As a matter of fact ,she gagged a couple times, but no one seemed to notice .They were all too busy running for cover .The torrential rains beat down on her small, sorry looking frame as she walked. One step for today ,the other for next year . What just happened to me ? She asked herself . A feeling of numbness possessed her. Questions ran wild , like newly freed animals in her mind . She asked herself everything ...Why? How? What? But mostly why .Her tears mingled with the rain drops running down her face , making their way down to her chin . She wished that someone ,anyone for that matter ,would stop to ask her if she was ok .Sadly ,no one did . As she stepped into her front door,she felt her insides burst ,and out of her mouth , came this painful sound ,that though lacking words ,expressed everything she was feeling . Defeat ,bitterness ,anger , everything .
She curled up in a ball on the floor ,bawling. Her only competition was the howling wind outside,and the raindrops beating down on the roof top. She looked across the floor ,to where she had thrown her keys . Her eyes fixated on the key chain .It read ,'I LOVE YOU.' At that she let out a loud angry scream . She rolled onto her back ,and looking upward ,protested ,'You love me ? Really ? If you did love me ,things would go my way .But it didn't .It didn't .' At that she broke down again.
It was at this time , that He started to speak . 'Susan.' He called in a sweet gentle voice. She did not reply .He called again,'Susan?'
'What do you want ?Haven't you upset me enough ?'
'Susan ,I just want you to remember that I love you .I really do .'
'No You don't !' She shouted. 'If You ever did ,today would have worked out!'
'Susan,' He continued ,'I do love you .I really do .Just because I don't always give you everything you ask for ,does not mean I don't. Have you forgotten what I promised you ?I won't lie to you. I love you . Today did not work out ,because I have better plans for you .Trust me. My plans for you are good.'

******* I'm sure at one point or the other ,we have all felt like Susan .We have big plans ,or dreams ,and when they get messed up ,we get mad . Sometimes ,it could be things that happened to us ,or those around us .Things that were out of our control .In these times,we may be tempted to question God. DON'T !!!.His word says that He won't lie ( Numbers 23:19 God is not man, that he should lie, or a son of man, that he should change his mind. Has he said, and will he not do it? Or has he spoken, and will he not fulfill it? ). God's word is filled of testimonies to the saints of old . All of which were brought into fruition by His mighty hand ,in it's due season .He is the same God ,and His capacity and capabilities are still very much potent . If He says He will do something ,He will. Trust Him . Pray it through ,ask Him what you may need to do ,if anything at all.Above all ,PRAY ,PRAISE AND TRUST! GOD IS ALL POWERFUL.

******* Scriptures to meditate on : Numbers 23:19 /Genesis 50:20 / 2nd Corinthians 1:20 /Genesis 21:1

3 January 2015

Silver Smokey Eyes ,and nude lip .

Happy New year Gorgeous people . I am really excited . I wonder if it's because this is the First makeup post for the New year ,or the last post of the day ?Probably it's both .Today I have decided to share another of my favorite looks with you guys , and steps in easy point form . If all goes to plan ,I may start doing video tutorials this year ,so keep your eyes opened for that . :-) .This look is a Simple Silver Smoky Look ,with a nude lip (That was a mouthful ).I hope that you enjoy ,and that it inspires someone .

a) Eyes
- Start out with a clean face and clean hands .
- Tone and moisturize skin
- Do brows as desired
- Apply eye primer all over lid ,up to brow bone
- Lightly apply a matte pearl shadow under brow as your highlight colour , (use a light hand ).
- Take a brown that is slightly darker than your natural skin tone ,and apply it within the crease of the eye,blending it slightly upward .
- Apply a dark toned base to second half of lid , and pat some of the colour lightly to first half of lid . Blend with your fingers .The base
should look lighter the closer it gets to your inner tear duct ,and darker toward the outer corner of the lid.*nb* Try not to get any of the
base into ,or above the crease area of your eye .(I used NYX'S Jumbo Stick in Black
Bean my as my base ).
- Apply a dark silver eyeshadow that has a slightly blue undertone to it ,on to the last two thirds of the mobile lid , covering the black base.
- Apply a slightly lighter silver to the inner third of eyes ,and blend into the darker silver .
- Within the crease ,and on the outer v of the eye ,add a little matte black ,and blend upward .
- Apply a dark matte brown shadow on to blending brush , and apply just above crease ,where some of the matte black that you applied earlier may be .*nb* work with a light hand .
- With a Clean brush , blend all colours till they seamlessly flow into each other
- Line top lash line with black liquid or gel liner
- Apply mascara ,and falsies (if you want to )
- Line bottom lash line lightly with a dark pencil liner ,and sweep some matte dark brown eyeshadow onto it.Do not smudge it .

b) Face
-Clean up any smudges or shadow fallout
-Apply face primer all over face
-Apply concealer to points required
-Apply foundation to rest of face
-Blend both foundation and concealer seamlessly
-Set face with powder if you used cream or liquid foundation / concealer.
-Choose a natural blush ,and apply it to cheeks (Lightly )

-Line lips with a natural toned liner
-Using a synthetic fiber lip brush,apply your lipgloss. ( I mixed a sheer light red ,with a pink gloss to create the look that I wanted ) .
nb. If you require the look to stay put for a while,feel free to set it with your favourite setting spray.

Thanks for visiting . I hope that this helps someone .If anyone has any looks that they would like me to try ,feel free to comment . God Bless.

Bio Oil Review.

'Knock knock!' It's me again :-) Today's Review is going to be on the famous BIO OIL . The first time that I had heard about this product was through another fellow student .I had a spot that decided to visit me ,and then he (yes ,I said he ) ,suggested that I purchase the product .Just the name put me off at first .It sounded like some buy product of produce from an oil rig .This was almost five years ago. At first I have to admit , that I was not pleased about his forwardness .What did he know about my skin anyway ?So what if he had flawless skin ??? (I am laughing to myself ,hold on ...ok,I'm good now ) .Well the product somehow found it's way into my house ( still don't know how it did ), and the rest is history .

The defining moment for me and this oil ,happened after a mishap in the kitchen . I was cooking one day ,and a bit of hot oil burnt me .It was a careless mistake that I made that caused it ,one that I never repeated .It left three large circular dark marks on the inside of my arm .I just wanted it gone .Two days or so after the the incident , I started applying bio oil .It did not take long to start working .The mark is gone .and I can't even remember which arm it happened to .Now I use it all over my body in place of lotion .I like the fact that it does not sit on my skin like lotion .It sinks in easily without being overly oily .I especially like using it at the back of my hands if hot water from the tap burns me .It's very healing .

This orange looking substance comes in a clear bottle ,with a white cap .It can be bought in various sizes . These are 60ml ,125ml ,and the 200ml sized bottles . I find that with it ,a little goes a long way .It claims to be great for scars ,stretch marks uneven skin tone ,ageing skin and dehydrated skin .It contains vitamin A and E ,and is suitable for sensitive skin .It can be purchased online ,from Superdrug and other pharmacies , Boots , and Savers .I buy mine at savers ,because their's is considerably cheaper than everywhere else . A 60ml bottle at Savers is £4 and change , which I find quite good .I can't say anything bad about the product at all. After years of use , I give it an 8.5 / 10 .

As always ,thank you for visiting .I hope that this was a blessing to someone .If you have used this product already ,feel free to share your experience . God Bless .

New Year's Resolutions .

Hi Ladies .Let me start by wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Yaaay ! (Ok ,I had my moment ,now let's get down to business ). At the end of every year , just before we head into the new one ,we usually hear allot of talk about 'New Year's Resolutions.' But what are they , are they practical in this day and age ,and how do we go about setting one ?

According to the Collin's Dictionary ,a New Year's Resolution can be defined as ," a promise to yourself or decision to do something, especially to improve one's behaviour or lifestyle in some way, during the year ahead ." I guess that you can call it turning a new leaf . Although I don't think that it is necessary to wait until the end of a year to seek a change in ones life , I must admit that I enjoy the idea of starting afresh in a brand new year .It just feels... new....I guess ( corny I know,but please don't judge ).
I believe that resolutions are a good idea since they provide you with VISION and FOCUS for the new era you stepped into .With these ,and well thought up strategies ,time wastage can be alleviated ,which would mean that you could achieve allot more than you would , if you had just gone with whichever way the wind blew . Remember that without a vision ,people perish . It is a bit careless ,in my opinion to not have goals concerning one's future .I don't just mean for stepping into the new year,I am also referring to during the year as well .

So how do we go about planning our resolutions ? In my view the key to setting any resolution or goal ,is twofold .It rides on both a) Simplicity ,and b) Proper organisation . As women we tend to stretch ourselves in different directions ,and this can sometimes leave us stressed ,or empty .These little tips (which I do myself ,because I'm a stickler for planning and order ..... ) ,are geared toward helping every woman make the best of this new year .Let's get cracking people .
I am going to simplify this as best as I can for you guys ,because what I usually do may drive other people crazy .


The first thing we need to do is to identify the key areas in our lives that we want to see change .I will highlight a few that I think are applicable to most women .They are the areas of :

a)Spiritual Growth
b)Health (both physical and mental )
d)Career & Finances

These are what I think to be the five major areas in anyone's life .Both male and female . The first of these ie. Spiritual Growth is of utmost importance ,because the true success of everything else rides on this . Your Spiritual life affects more than you think .Here you may want to focus on your place of worship and prayer and personal study time .You may also want to identify habits that threaten positive growth in this area , and line them up to be dealt with .

The area of Health is important ,because it's an area that we tend to not place any type of focus on , until something happens . Why wait though ? In this area you may desire an affordable work out regime , find out about healthier eating habits ,and indulge in the positive things that can feed your mind ,steering clear away from the things that are poisonous .

Family ....... This area is another one that is close to my heart . In this area ,you may want to come up with different ways that you could improve on relationships ,plan get togethers and so on .

In terms of your career ,set goals that you would like to attain withing the year .Please remember that they have to be ATTAINABLE and REASONABLE . As for the financial part ,make plans to sort out debts if you have one .If you need help controlling spending ,there are different templates that you can follow online that show you where and how your money should be used .Plan for investments as will if you are into that kind of thing .

Relaxation is an area we overlook .This is soooooo not a good idea . If you take a pitcher that is filled with water ,and start pouring it's contents into other vessels ,pretty soon the pitcher will be empty .The pitcher has to be refilled again for it to be able to fill others again . In the same way ,we as women need to recharge ourselves , otherwise we will be left empty .

Find something positive to do that enriches you . If you like gardening ,take some quiet time to get that done , get a facial , pick up that new class that you wanted to do . Do make sure that whatever you choose as your form of relaxation does not interfere with your Spiritual Life , is not damaging to your health ,won't put your responsibilities to your family in jeopardy ,and that it does not interfere with work ,and is within your budget . Treating yourself is great ,but don't spend what you don't have !


The next thing that you need to do is S.L.O.T .This is an acronym that I created for Simple Listing of Tasks . List at least two changes that you want to see in each area. If you only seek one improvement ,that's ok ,list it . This way you know exactly what tasks need to be carried out in each category . You can try a simple point form approach ,or at least two sentences . Steer clear of anything too wordy .This may intimidate you later on .

*nb.* Tasks can fall into the following categories :
Short Term - These are tasks that can be completed within a month or two

Long Term Resolutions - These are the resolutions that cannot be completed in a month of two ,and require carefully planned steps that you must follow to attain it . These have a definite end period eg. Completing an intensive Course with good grades.

Lifestyle Choices -These are major resolutions . These are things that once you get the hang off ,you don't want to stop eg Better money management , exercising .

Step Three : Execution .

After you list the tasks , Look for where they fall ,ie. whether they are Short Term , Long Term , or a Lifestyle Choice . Work on sorting the Short Term ones first .I say this because the fulfillment that you would feel , by completing the small bits , would encourage you to take on the bigger things . For the tasks that cannot be completed within a month or two ,come up with a simple plan of action of how you can get from the point that you are at ,to where you want to be .This is where writing may be required ,but try point form for your steps ,as this makes it a whole lot easier .

eg. Category :Health
Task: Loosing weight
-Eat better
-Join gym etc.

You can start by working on at least one or two steps for each task ,every month .Be mindful though that these steps should be REALISTIC and ATTAINABLE overall ,and especially within the time frame that you have set aside do do it . After deciding which task to work on every month ,decide the steps you want to complete each week , and then each day .If you break off mini pieces of tasks ,and work at them little by little ,it becomes easier . Work on little steps daily .If not , you may find yourself feeling frustrated . Try not to let a day pass without doing something concerning your highlighted goal for that month . Do not bite off more than you can chew though . We want improvement and balance , not frustration .

I hope that you all enjoyed this post ,and that you learnt something from it .Feel free to share your views on this New Year's Resolutions post ,and some of the steps that you follow either daily / weekly or monthly to see your resolutions through .Thanks for stopping by ,and God bless :-)

PRAYER FOCUS : God's Purpose for the Year

It's a new year , a new season ,and it's wise that we start with God , and acknowledge Him in all that we do ( Prov 3:6 New Living Translation
Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.
) .There are loads of times that we have all been guilty of not seeking His council ,and just formulating our own plans ,then taking them to Him to be blessed . Our plans then backfire because they were never His will for us ( Prov 19:21 *New Living Translation - Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.
*English Standard Version - Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand.
) It's important that we go to Him ,listen and record what He directs us to do ,and then run with it .God's plans are always blessed .

Prayer :
Father in Heaven , we come before you thanking you for life, health and strength .Not only for us ,but also in the lives of our brothers and sisters worldwide .We thank you for all the mercies that you show everyone on the face of the planet every day ,for your word says that your mercies are new every morning ( Lamentations 3:22-23New International Version
22 Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
for his compassions never fail.
23 They are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness
. )
We thank you for allowing us to see this new year .For granting us the priceless opportunity to taste 2015.We thank you Lord .Father ,in areas that we have messed up ,we ask for your forgiveness in the name of your son Jesus Christ ( you can talk to God about these areas at this point ) .We thank you for forgiving us Lord .Lord , from your word ,we understand that You and only You ,poses the perfect road map for our lives
( Jeremiah 29:11New International Version (NIV)
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper
you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
It is because of this ,that we ask God ,that you show us the steps that we should take this year , in every area of our lives . Grant us the discipline to carry out each step in the way that you would like it done . Let people not see us ,but You. You alone Lord take all the glory .
In Jesus Name we pray ,Amen .

10 November 2014


A little more than 24hrs ago 'it was reported that prominent pastor , and teacher Dr. Myles Munroe was killed . It was reported that it was due to a fatal plane crash , himself , his wife , and another minister and his family were the victims . When I first heard the news , I thought that it was a misprint of some sort , some kind of joke , as I could find little to no nnews on it . Now that it has been confirmed ........... Words can't describe the pain . As a youth k his sermons touched me , his books were a blessing , his speeches dared me to do more for the kingdom , desire greater . He presented me with the charge to dream bigger. My favourite books were ,then purpose and power of women , and The Purpose and Power of Prayer .They really blessed me .
I pray that God keeps his children ,and the rest of the family ,and that He comforts everyone who was touched by this incident . This tragedy has shown me now, more than ever, that we must always be prepared ,because we never know when our time would come .
I thank God for your life Dr. I thank God that you realised your calling at an early age , and that you were obedient . Your obedience has touched lives and will for generations to come . It's a loss for us ,but I'm sure God is happy to have you .You lived doing what you were called to do,what you loved, and you died doing the same .
May you and your wife rest in peace in Jesus name .

7 November 2014


There are a couple things that a girl should always have at the ready in her makeup . I think that a creamy black liner pencil in one of then . There are so many things you can do with them . You can use it to line your water line ,you can use it as an eye-shadow base ,or line of demarcation if you are going for a dark cut crease . One thing you don't want when working with any item that goes near to your eyes is pulling and discomfort ,as the eye area is sensitive ,the skin there is quite tender . I had been hunting for such an eyeliner pencil ,and found my answer a little over a year ago .

It's the Mua Eye Liner Pencil in Jet Black . Mua is Super Drug's own brand of makeup ,and some of their products have been making waves in the beauty industry .This product ,as far as I am concerned is one of them .I don't keep eye liner pencils ,or anything that goes near my eyes for too long ,for sanitary purposes ,so I wanted something that was not too expensive ,so that when I tossed it ,it would not hurt . This product fits the bill . It costs only £1 .Yup .I kit you not ,and it's great . You can find it either at Superdrug stores , their online site ,or Mua online . The product goes on very smooth ,with a serious intensity . It's not one of those cheap looking ,ashy black liners . The colour pops with this one .I don't think that the product has a smell whatsoever ,an another plus is that is comes with it's own sharpener . It sharpens quite well too .My only issue is , the pencil is a little bit on the short side . I wish that it was a bit longer .But I guess it works out ,because I won't have to toss any leftovers ,because it's short I use it up quite quickly .But all in all ,it's a good product . I give it a 7 out of ten .If you tried this product before ,feel free to comment on your experience with it . I would like to know what it was like :-)
Thanx for stopping by ,and have a FADABULOUS day . Go bless

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Prayer focus of the Month : Praying for People Directly Affected by Ebola .

God's word encourages us to pray for others . We can clearly see this in 1 Timothy 2:1

'First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people . ' With that in mind , I would like to implore all of my blog readers , to take the time to pray for individuals affected by the Ebola virus .We are all affected as members of the human race , but prayer is needed on behalf of those directly affected . Thousands of people have either died or been affected directly ,and the economy of total countries have been affected .Let's take time to pray for those in countries ravaged by it ,an for those that may have lost a loved one .

Prayer :
Father in heaven we come before you today , in the name of your son Jesus, thanking you for the opportunity to stand before you .For everything that you have done ,are doing ,and will do for us ,we say thank You Lord .We ask for forgiveness for anything that we have done ,that may has grieved you ( you can name the thing at this point ).We ask for the strength to serve you in a way that pleases you , and we thank You for forgiving us .Today , using 1 Tim. 2:1 as our scriptural authority ,we lift up to you ,the countries and people that have been affected by the horrible Ebola outbreak . We ask that you comfort those that are grieving ,and that you provide an answer to this outbreak . ( If you know anyone affected personally ,you can intercede on their behalf ).Meet the needs of the individuals affected Lord . Lord we ask that you cover your people during this outbreak ,and bring calm to this storm . Bring the peace that only you can give Lord . Thank you for hearing us . In Jesus name we pray .Amen .

18 September 2014

Simple Makeup Tutorial.

I have been quite busy lately ,and unable to do posts because of this,but now I have some free time :-)
One of the reasons is because I am embarking on an exciting ,and new journey in my life.I never thought that I would say it,but I am an mua.In the upcoming weeks I will be sharing some of my favourite work with you,and tips and tricks on hot you could achieve similar looks .

a) Eyes
- Start out with a clean face and clean hands .
- Tone and moisturise skin
- Do brows as desired
- Apply eye primer all over lid ,up to brow bone
- Lightly apply a matte pearl shadow under brow as your highlight colour
- Apply a flesh toned base ,or concealer to lid
- Take a brown that is slightly darker than natural skin tone ,and apply it just above the crease of the eye.
- Apply a cream coloured matte shadow to mobile lid area
- Apply a dark brown matte shadow in the crease of the eye,and a little on outer corner of eye ( outer v )
- Blend all colours so till they seamlessly flow into each other
- Line top lash line with black liquid or gel liner
- Apply mascara ,and falsies (if you want to )
-Line bottom lash line

b) Face
-Clean up any smudges or shadow fallout
-Apply face primer all over face
-Apply concealer to points required
-Apply foundation to rest of face
-Blend both foundation and concealer seamlessly
-Set face with powder if you used cream or liquid products.
-Choose a natural blush ,and apply it to cheeks (Lightly )

-Line lips with red lip liner
-Using a synthetic fiber lip brush,apply your favourite red lip stick .
nb. be careful not to go beyond liner.If you do,you can clean it up with you cream/liquid concealer ,or foundation.If you require the look to stay put for a while,feel free to set it with your favourite setting spray.

Hope that this look and tutorial inspired someone .Thanks for stopping by.God bless. :-)

Ebay Eight Piece Brush Set.

Everyone is doing it now. Loads of our favourite brands have the same or similar face brush sets .We have the wonderful industry of private labeling to thank for this monkey see , monkey do fever ,that's hitting cosmetic brands the world over.I for one found it a huge injustice to pay an exorbitant amount of money for something premised on a trivial label.Don't get me wrong ,I like private labeling .I view it as an ingenious concept.I just don't like being taken for a ride because of letters and a slap of paint.

I needed some new brushes ,and when My birthday arrived ,I decided to ask for these .I've had my set since April of this year,so this is my honest opinion . When I first got the brushes ,I was a bit disappointed .I for one thought that they would be a bit bigger ,but that was just me.There was nothing wrong with the size .They came well wrapped and protected .They had no smell or initial fallout that I can recall.The hanldes are black and the ferrule is silver .The hairs are soooooooo soft,really. I put them in my mua kit,and use them regularly on clients.I have never had a complaint.In fact people always comment on how soft they are ,and ask where they can get them from. Mine cost about £20 or less,and arrived quickly (will try to get the seller's name ).Since then, I have seen minimal fallout .Only one brush came a bit loose ,but all others are fine. I give this set 6.5 out of ten.It was a well appreciated gift ,were soft ,did'nt smell funny ,and buffs foundation and undereye concealer like a dream.

Hope that this helped someone.Thanks for Visiting .

Fem Fresh Individual Wipes Review .

I'm on a roll !(Trying to do loads of reviews right now ). This review is going to be about feminine hygiene ,so if you are squirmish ,do not continue!

As most females do,I have that special section of my handbag where I keep the stash of uuummm....Well you know what I am trying to say.I usually keep mine in a separate little wash bag,but that's beside the point (ramble much ?) .I wanted to try some new individual wipes ,because it's not very easy to get my favourite brand (Summer's Eve) ,in the UK ,unless I order from ebay .I found individual wipes to be convenient ,and nice for freshening up ,if you catch my drift ,but on trying a couple of the ones available in the Uk,I almost lost Hope.Those things were awful!!!! Anyway ,saw these ,and picked them up,and was pleasantly surprised .They are not heavily scented ,were neatly wrapped in their individual sachets and flushable (although I am not comfortable with flushing them ).They are not as good as Summer's Eve which was my first love,but they get the job done . They can be purchased at Savers ,the Poundland (believe it or not ) ,and a couple other places .I give this product a 5 out of ten .It's not super amazing,but it certainly was not a bad buy. I will keep buying it till I find an easier way to get my hands on my Summer's Eve goods.Hope that this helps someone .

God Bless !

The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash Review.

Hey Everyone!!! It's been ages,but I'm back. As the heading suggests,I have a review.And in true Chick Info-Nation fashion, it must be done with an anecdote .Brace yourselves .You were warned !
So ,my somewhat sensitive skin decided that it was gonna play up last year. I hunted online for some kind of body wash that I could use that would not dry out ,or annoy my skin. There it was ,the Tea Tree Elixir (had to make it sound nice ) .I read a couple reviews ,and was immediately sold. I had to get my little hands on it.So pound the pavement I did,on my way to the Body shop . Saw it on the shelf and fireworks went off.

This body wash retails for £6 ,and you get 250ml of product.The body shop usually has two for three sales and so on,so you can wait on these if you like . On first opening the bottle and taking a little sniff ,there was that strong undeniable smell of tea tree.This was not an artificial tea tree scent at all in my opinion .No way hun. This was the REEEEAAAL deal .A little goes a long way with this product.It does not burn or dry out the skin. After using it,I felt super clean .`If you are not one for things with strong smells ,then this is not for you ,tea tree has anti bacterial properties ,so it can kinda smell a little like a disinfectant .I don't mind though.It keeps my skin clean ,and I like that .Grading time,I give this lovely product 7.5 out of 10. I truly like it. The price is ok,a little goes a long way,it keep my skin clear and gives a lovely clean feeling .I would recommend this to anyone interested ,who has no issues with the smell of tea tree.

As always,thanks for reading,and God bless.Hope that this helped someone :-)

22 November 2013

NYX Megashine Gloss.

Yay!!!!Finally,I'm doing this review .I've been eyeing these glosses for a while.Got them earlier this year for my birthday as a gift,so I think It's time to review them.I choose 6 glosses in all from the mega-shine line,and an extra gloss came as a gift.It was ordered from Joy Cosmetics Ebay.

I was expecting great things from these products.Really wanted them to be my new fav. glosses.But....hhhhhmmmm,It was just ok.It was not extremely moisturising,and the colour payoff was decent.I have to say that the doe foot applicators were cool though.They were longer than the usual type that u find from other glosses.That made them perfect for my huuuuuuuuge lips :-) They also came with a cute black bow on the top.

Creme of Nature Professional Ultra Moisture Shampoo , and Moisture Extreme Conditioner Review.

After seeing rave reviews on these products online,I began hunting for them.It was difficult to find in my neck of the woods.Out of frustration I ended up buying the Elasta qp Soy Silk shampoo,which I did not like.After taking a little walk one day in a different area,I discovered the products.

Both bottles contain 946 ml of product.The shampoo costs £5.49 and claims to gently cleanse and condition hair,restore moisture balance to dehydrated hair,smoothes detangles and gives hair a sift silky feel,and great for relaxed,natural or weaved hair.
Directions:Apply to wet hair and work into a rich lather . Rinse and repeat.Follow with Creme of Nature Professional Moisture Extreme Conditioner or Nourishing and Strengthening Treatment.

The conditioner costs £6.99 as similar moisturising claims as the shampoo.As far as directions go,they advise that conditioneris applied liberally throughout hair,then a plastic cap should be applied,and client placed under hooded dryer for 10-15 mins.Then Rinse and style.

My verdict.....This shampoo is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Amazing...I really like it.I like it allot.Wow.It is really moisturiseing.It smells nice too.The smell is not overpowering though.I was not in love with the conditioner though.Think I need Use it a bit more.I give the shampoo 8/10 and the conditioner 6/10.Hope that this helped.Thanx for visiting.God Bless.

7 October 2013

J.A.H Blessed (Makinde Hudson) Tears Running

Really like this song.Hope that you guys enjoy.God Bless :-)

Blush Professional 120 Colour Palette Review.

Hey guys,this is my updated review on this palette.Hope that you guys enjoy.God Bless... :-)

Clean and Clear Morning Energy Shine Control.

This is another long overdue review.Had this product for ages.It claims to be gently moisturising,with long lasting shine control.It has lemongrass and fruit extracts.It only cost me £1 (because I was taking a little walk through the pound shop).The smell is lovely...Seriously.It really does add light moisture,but I'm not too sure about the shine control.It's just ok I guess.I will give this product 5/10 .It's light,has a nice smell,did not cost too much,but did not amaze me as far as the shine control was concerned.


This review is long overdue.So let's get down to it.Anyone that knows me very well knows how much I like lip-gloss . Even back in the day when I was somewhat tom boyish,and would not go near a powder puff, lip-gloss was my thing.I remember when I was younger,I used to save my school money to purchase glosses.My favourite back in the day was from Wild n Crazy cosmetics, (would really like to get my hands on those again one day soon).Anyway,this review is about the LA Colours Moisturising Lip gloss,so I'm gonna stop rambling.I purchased these @ £1 for two in South London.I was skeptical ,and thought they may have turned out crappy because of the price,but still decided to try it.I was wrong.They were very moisturising and not sticky.I like the way they moisturise better than my NYX megashine glosses.I'M SERIOUS]!!!!! They are nicely pigmented ,very moisturising and the price is right.They come in 7ml tubes,with doe foot applicator brushes.They have a slightly sweet cosmetic smell, that wares away with prolonged use.I give these glosses a 6/10 overall.I would suggest that you try them if you are interested in trying out some inexpensive glosses.

LOOK OF THE DAY-PURPLE PASSION --- { Featuring RCMA Foundation Palette } .

Ok people,let's get cracking.Purple is my favorite colour,just thought that I would share this fun look with you guys that I did for a friend.Hope that you enjoy.

Here's what you'll need:

1) After cleansing and toning face, apply a little moisturiser ( I used Clean and clear dual action moisturiser on her face).

2) Brush brows into submission and remove any stray hairs if necessary .Feather in a tail brows if you have none naturally or just feather in the perimeter of the brow if you actually have brows (I used my mua brow pencil in brunette).I used my dark wet n wild brow powder on the end of her brow with an angled brush over the tail that I feathered in,and at the middle of the newly reconstructed brow.I feathered in the lighter brow powder to the beginning of her brow.I then used the clean angled brush to clean up around her brows.I dipped the angled brush in a cream concealer that was only one shade lighter than her natural skin tone,and neatened the brow.I blended the concealer out after this.

3)I then used a shimmery pearl colour as her highlight colour.I primed her mobile lid with the mua lid primer.I then smothered a lilac pencil over her mobile lid as a base.This was followed by me dipping my blender brush into a red eyeshadow,and sweeping the brush back and forth in the crease of her eye,and the area right above her crease.Be sure not to take the brush up too high.Take one of your shader brushes,and dip it into a matte baby pink.Place this colour in the first third of the lid.Try not to go into the crease.Then take a mid tone purple and cover the rest of your lid.After this ,take a very dark purple,and place it at the outside of the mobile lid,and drag it into your crease.Blend till you get the intensity that you require.Add more of the purple if you like.Add some more red at the very edge of the purple,and blend as required.I line her eyes with liquid liner,then applied mascara.

4)You can use false lashes here if you would like,but my friend did not want to :-( Anyway,brush any shadow fallout off face,then prime the face.In a v shape,apply your under eye concealer,and blend out.Apply your foundation and blend as well.I used a foundation from my RCMA palette on her.I really like the quality of it.It looks really natural.I set the foundation with NYC translucent powder,and used a blush from Sleek in the shade 'Flushed' .You can follow all this with a natural gloss of your liking.

*****Hope that this helped someone.Thanx for stopping by,God Bless!!!!!!!******